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We are the 1st career-oriented Chinese school in China,

and we care more for your career path.

Get up to 30k monthly salary with our professional support.

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Career boost program

Study Chinese mandarin in Shanghai? Over 1.2 Million job opportunities are available in Shanghai every day!


Who Is The Career Boost Program For? 

Business professionals who want to learn Mandarin, experience Chinese culture, and find a job opportunity in Shanghai, China.


Who is MandarinSpring? 

MandarinSpring is a professional Mandarin Chinese School in Shanghai, China. After studying mandarin in Shanghai with MandarinSpring, you will find an efficient best method to quickly improve Chinese. Additionally, specially for Career Boost Program, MandarinSpring will further offer value added free service of job consultant, job hunting, which means as long as you study Chinese in Shanghai with us, you will be placed a job in your best position in Shanghai under our help!

MandarinSpring has partnered with top companies located in Shanghai and nationwide who are eager to hire young foreigner talent. We have plenty of internships and career opportunities for those who learn mandarin in Shanghai with us. 

As an Education Bureau registered school and a trustworthy partner of Pearson, Berlin, and Edexcel educational organizations, MandarinSpring has helped thousands of adults learners improve their language skills as well as cultural awareness since 2008. We are the only career-oriented language school in Shanghai, China and we are working closely with top companies based in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, etc.


Our Mission

Give every learner the opportunity to experience China in a learning, social, and professional capacity.


Core Values:



Things you will have at the end of the program:

-            Improved overall Mandarin Chinese skills and experience in Chinese culture

-            Secured job placement with salary ranges between 12K -30K based on each individual's experience and qualifications

-            Invaluable and firsthand study and work experience in the world’s second largest economy

-            Experience more opportunities to travel throughout China and Asia

-            Access to our alumni network which enables you to better explore your career possibilities in China and networking with fellow professionals

-            Easier to understand relationships within Chinese mindset


What job opportunities you will get?

Over 1.2 million job opportunities available from various multinationals companies such as SIMENS, DISNEY, GENSLER, CARAT, etc., covering a wide range of industries including education, manufacturing, IT, Biotech, marketing, hotel, advertisement, etc.





We Got Your Back Through The Process

From our professional guidance regarding VISA application, airport pick-up, accommodation, to all-day interview skills and career development consulting while you stay in Shanghai. We will make sure you have a smooth process with us.


Curriculum courses (8-16 wks)

-       Survival Chinese

-       Interview Skills

-       Business Language & Culture in China

-       Cross-Cultural Living & Working Skills

-       Talk To Top Experts In Your Field


Tuition fees (8-16wks)

Registration fee:$150

Tuition fee per:$300/week


How to apply for the career boost program?

Complete the application form and submit now, our professional consultant will be scheduling an online interview with you!


Price for Group Classes / Private Classes / Online Classes


VISA service

MandarinSpring offers VISA service for those who are going to study Chinese with us in Shanghai, China!

Welcome to contact us! 86-21-64070328 &


Where is MandarinSpring Chinese school in Shanghai?

Add:   25th floor, 1065 Zhaojiabang Rd, China


(2 minutes’ wa lk from the metro XUJIAHUI station of line1,9,11)


Visit our map! 



Interested but have some more questions?

Feel free to reach us directly and we will get back to you in no time. Use any of the following contact methods:



Internship program


We aim to be the top Chinese school helping adult learners improve language skills specifically for their internship experience. With more than 10 years’ experience, we developed the curriculum to

● cover business topics

● social/survival language skills

● cross-cultural awareness

● business cultures and more



As an Education Bureau registered school and a trustworthy partner of Pearson and Edexcel educational organizations, MandarinSpring has helped thousands of adults learners improve their language skills as well as cultural awareness since 2008. We are the only career-oriented language school in China and we work closely with top companies based in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, etc.



● 2 months to 1 year internship VISA

● Improved overall Mandarin Chinese skills and experience in Chinese culture

● An secured internship opportunity

● Invaluable and firsthand study and work experience in the world’s second largest economy

● Experiences and more opportunities to travel throughout China and Asia



internship program price

mandarin lesson price

mandarin lesson price


- Internship placement in Shanghai or other city upon request

- 4 group Chinese classes per week

- Accommodation support

- Visa assistance upon request

- Weekly cultural activities

- Welcome orientation

- Internship letter and language proficiency certificate






  1. Submit your application form
  2. Initial interview online
  3. Sign placement contract
  4. Get your ideal internship


What our students are saying:


“I really enjoy my instructor from Mandarin Spring. I can definitely feel the improvement with my Mandarin skills.”


Mandarin Spring was very professional and punctual when handling my job placement. Now, I’m in a better position with higher pay compare to my previous company.”


Who is MandarinSpring?

Mandarin Spring is accredited language institute located in Shanghai. We were established in 2014 and have since inception taught thousands of Mandarin learners from around the world. We have a wide range of professional teachers who are all TCSL certified and have experience teaching all levels. Also, our staffs of recruiters and placement agents are working hand-in-hand with top companies to make sure you will be placed in a leading industry. Our in-house visa professionals have more than 10 yrs extensive experience working with foreigner passports and making sure your visa is secure without any issues during your tenure.


What is the Career Boost Program?

The Career Boost Program is our better solution to ease the process of studying Mandarin, visa processing, and internship/job placement for foreigners who wish to make full use of their experience in China. This accelerated program will boost your Mandarin in a short time while we also help you transition into a career opportunity. We are working with top corporations specifically in the IT, Finance, and Education fields who are in need of young talent.


Why should you join?

China is seeing a lot of economic growth as the world’s 2nd largest economy and many Fortune 500 corporations have China in their expansion plans. For the business professional, China presents an abundance of opportunities that aren’t available in western nations. Also, you should consider that you don’t have to sacrifice your career to travel. We put this program together to make it more convenient to transition into the Chinese business market. A major pain point for expats in China is dealing with different parties for their visa, mandarin course, and job placement. This is our solution to make it easier for all those involved and coming to China.



Where are MandarinSpring and the Career Boost Program located?

We are located in the heart of Shanghai. We have two campuses in Xujiahui and Jing’an districts. Based campuses are suited with state of the art facilities with equipment to make your learning experience as comfortable as possible.


How to get started?

To get the ball rolling, make sure to fill out the application form on this page or send us a direct email: Once you complete the application form, one of our professional career advisor will contact you about the next step.


Housing and Accommodation


Housing will not be provided in the program fee. We will provide various housing options based on your request, you can choose from home stay, shared apartment or private studio in the city center. All housing fees will include utilities, WI-FI, and a private room. You’ll be placed with other students and foreigners also living in Shanghai.




Shanghai has one of the most efficient and intricate public transportation systems. We will provide a public transportation card which can be used on the metro and bus system.




We do not provide traveler’s insurance but we can recommend service that specializes in Chinese travelers.





It can be hard to meet people in a new environment but don’t worry. We are partnered with local networking groups, Meetups to curate the best events to attend while you’re here.




Join our community of professionals. Our community includes people from all inches of the globe. From students, entrepreneurs, and more, you’ll be surrounded by people who are all interested in working in China. Here you can build a strong network for your future opportunities.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, send us an email at:

Application Form

1. What’s your Mandarin Chinese Level?

  • 2. How long would you plan to join the program?

  • 3. What are the industries are you interested?


    1065 zhaojiabang Road,

    Xuhui,Shanghai,(5min walk from Xujiahui station Exit 10

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