Banqueting Table Manners 酒宴上的礼仪 Part1


The order of seats


In general, in terms of the order of seating, “the seat on the left side and the east are for respected guests” and “the seats facing the door are for respected guests”. If the table is round, the seat facing the door is the seat for the most important guest with the importance of guests decreasing as their distance from either side of the chair increases. If the distance is the same, the left one is superior to the right one. When seated at old-fashioned square tables for eight people, if there are seats facing the door, the seat to the right is for the most important guest. If there are no seats facing the door, the seat to the right on the side facing the east is the seat of primary honor.


In a large banquet, when arranging the tables, the seat of primary honor shall be at the front and in the middle center. Seats 2, 4, 6 should be arranged in proper order to the left of the seat of primary honor and seats 3, 5 and 7 should be located to the right. Guests should be seated according to identity, status and their relationship with the host.


If you are the host, you should arrive in advance and wait near the door and usher the guests. If you are a guest, you should take your seat according to arrangements made by the host.

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