Banqueting Table Manners 酒宴上的礼仪 Part2


Ordering dishes


If time allows, you should wait until most of the guests arrive, and then pass the menu to guests for reference, asking them to order dishes. It is important to choose a banqueting venue of appropriate class before the banquet so that the guests may understand your budget well.


If you are a guest, you should let the host order dishes. At the gracious invitation of the host, you can order an inexpensive dish which should be suitable for the host and guests. Remember to ask for the opinions of those on the table. In particular, ask them whether they avoid certain foods or what they prefer so as to let everyone feel they have been taken into consideration. After ordering dishes, you can say, “I have ordered some dishes. I don't know whether they are to your taste.” and “Would you like to order some other dishes?” etc.