Banqueting Table Manners 酒宴上的礼仪 Part3


Having dishes


In general, Chinese people pay great attention to eating, and devote particular care to table manners. With the increasing importance attached to the occupational manners, the eating and table manners of the commercial dinners are more and more important. In the following part, we will take a Chinese meal as an example to teach you how to behave politely and use what is lain on the table. At the beginning of a Chinese banquet, the wet towel served by the waiters is used to clean your hands; so don’t use it to clean your face. When lobster, chicken or fruit is served, there will be a small jar holding water with a lemon slice or roseleaf on it. It is not for drinking, but to be used for washing hands.


When having meals, you need to have good manners. Don’t persuade foreign guests to eat again and again. You can introduce the dishes to them and let them decide whether to eat. Some people like to persuade others to eat or even help others to the dishes.