Banqueting Table Manners 酒宴上的礼仪 Part4




There are many points of knowledge and important things to be taken into consideration when drinking at a banquet. The following are some details requiring attention.


The first detail: only after the leaders have toasted each other may you toast them. When proposing a toast, you must stand up and raise your glass with two hands. The second detail: it is permitted for many people to toast another individual but it is prohibited for one person to toast a group of people unless this person is a leader. The third detail: When you propose a toast to others, if you do not clink glasses, the amount that you drink depends on the circumstances; for example, your partner’s capacity for liquor and attitude towards drinking may be taken into account. Remember not to drink less than the opposite side, because you are the one that has proposed the toast. The forth detail: when you toast to others and clink glasses with him or her, you shall say, “I’ll drink it up, and you drink at will” so as to be magnanimous and tolerant. The fifth detail: remember to pour out liquor for leaders or clients frequently. Don’t drink wine on behalf of the leaders at will. If you want to, you must do so when the leader or the client really needs help. You should also pretend that you are drinking on behalf of them because you like drinking, not because you want to help them. The sixth detail: raise the glass (beer glassware) with the right hand holding the glass and the left hand supporting from the under. Remember your glass should never be higher than the glasses of others.