Banqueting Table Manners 酒宴上的礼仪 Part5


Serving the tea


First of all, the tea set should be cleaned. After the guests enter, you should offer them a seat first, and then prepare tea. Before making and serving the tea, you must clean the tea set and had better scald the tea pot and tea cups. It is not only shows that you pay attention to matters of hygiene but that show you are also refined and courteous. Neglecting the cleanliness of the tea set and serving tea for the guests at random are impolite behaviors.


Secondly, the amount of tea shall be appropriate. First of all, the amount of tea leaves should be correct. Quantities of tea leaves should be neither too large or too few. If there are too many tea leaves, the taste of tea will be too strong. Alternatively, if the tea leaves are too few, the tea will have no flavor.


Thirdly, the method of serving tea in cups should be proper. According to the traditional habits of Chinese people, you should serve the guest with a cup of tea with two hands. When serving with two hands, it is notable that cups with handles are usually held by the handle with one hand and the bottom of the cup is held with the other before serving.