Career boost

In years' development and improvement, MandarinSpring has led the way in adults Chinese learning and career development in Shanghai. We are proud of our top academic team, professional recruitment team, and experienced VISA team. We developed the Career Boost Program to specifically help students, young professionals, and those who want to transition their career to China. The curriculum covers business topics, social conversations, survival skills and more. In addition to studying Mandarin, we are partnered top local companies and multi-nationals who are in search of young foreigner talent and eager to hire. We will help coordinate cultural excursion to maximize your experience in China.

Who’s the Career Boost Program for?
Students who want to gain international business and internship experience in Shanghai
Business professionals who want to take advantage of the Chinese job market
Anyone who want an alternative way to get an edge in the job market
Entrepreneurs who want to join one of the most vibrant e-commerce nations

What is the curriculum?
Together with our academic team for the past 10 years, we have been developing and updating the curriculum to be as helpful as possible. Our courses focus on the most practical grammar, sentence structures & building, speaking and listening in a business scenario. We will prepare you so you can speak Mandarin in and out the office. In addition, we will strengthen your Mandarin interview skills so you’ll be prepared for future opportunities. You will efficiently gain knowledge in the following segments.

-Survival Chinese to proficiency level of B2
-Business Language & Cultural awareness in China
-Interview Skills
-Cross-Cultural Living&Working Skills
-Oppurtunities to Talk to Top Experts in Your Field

Things you will have at the end of the program:
Improved overall Mandarin Chinese Skills: Listening, Oral, Reading, and Writing
Job Placement of a 12k-30k monthly salary guaranteed based on each candidates qualification
Invaluable and firsthand work experience in the world’s second largest economy
Experiences and more opportunities to travel throughout China and Asia
Access to our alumni network which enables you to better explore your career possibilities in China
- A stable VISA status once we place you to a position
Program Beginning dates: Oct 31st, enroll on each Monday.
Schedule/Duration of the program:
-Fulltime, M-F morning 9:00am-12:00am. Duration: 8weeks minimum
-Part time, three weekdays evening 7:00pm-8:30pm plus one weekend afternoon 1pm-4:30pm. Duration: 12 weeks minimum
Registration Fee: RMB 600
Course Fee: Fulltime RMB1800/wk; Part Time RMB1080/wk
Additional Service:
CV retouch/translation.
Job interviews during/at the end of the program

How to sign up?
To sign up for the program, you will have to hand in your registration form and your CV.