How can I start learning Mandarin Chinese?

Learning a new language can be daunting especially Mandarin if you aren’t familiar with any other eastern languages. Well, we at Mandarin Spring are here to help you even if you have no experience. There are plenty of resources online to start learning. From Youtube, textbooks, or even a local friend of yours, you can start any number of ways. But do you want to start to learn Mandarin or build a foundation to grow your skills and fluency.


Before you enroll in any course or spend any amount, we highly recommend figuring out your goals first. Do you want to learn Mandarin to gain a global and career edge? Are you moving to China for a new job or maybe teaching English? Are you studying abroad for a short term and just need to know the basics to get around?


After you’ve determined your goals, schedule, and budget; we can help you plan a schedule and learning path.


We offer several free options to help get you on your way. First, you should attend one of our free Mandarin Group Lessons for free, where we teach and discuss different topics that are related to everyday living and fundamentals.

Also, after your free group lesson, we will offer one free 1-on-1 lesson. We have a range of certified and experienced Mandarin Teachers who can meet all your needs and goals.

Learning Mandarin Chinese can be hard especially with no experience and having a western language as your native tongue. The characters might look like strange and the pronunciation is so vital. No need to start this journey alone. We at Mandarin Spring are here to help. We will create a specific course plan for you and no another cookie cutter workload. We want to succeed and helping you speak Mandarin.

Still not sure? Give us a call or email and we can review any of your questions.

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