Why Study Mandarin in Shanghai

Mandarin, Putonghua, or simplified Chinese; whichever you choose to call it is one of the most important languages in today’s world. China is the world’s second largest economy with projections of becoming larger than the US in the coming years.

For some learning a new language can fulfill a new passion, give the ability to learn about a new culture, or expand your professional network. Shanghai offers all three of these options in once.

Shanghai is the best place to study Chinese. Below are the reasons why:

1.Shanghai is the largest city in China and by far the most international. If you are fearful or nervous about the language barrier, don’t dismay. Plenty of signs, menus, and a lot of local speak good enough English to help you on your way.

2.There’s a huge international population. Well not that huge when you compare to the overall population, but there’s an estimated between 180,000 and 210,000 foreigners living in Shanghai. These are people who are coming from all over the world including the US, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Columbia, India, and more.

3.You will not be alone in your studies. Because Shanghai is such an important city to the mainland and has arguably the best education system in the county, Shanghai has tons of students who come to study. No one to students want to Study Chinese in Shanghai but also there are plenty of study abroad, MBA, undergrad students through the city. Fudan University and Jiao Tong University are two of the country’s top universities and they’re located within minutes from each other. In addition there are more universities in the city such as Donghua University and Shanghai Institute of Economics University.

4.The opportunities are limitless in Shanghai. Shanghai is the financial and technology capital of China so with that comes plenty of opportunities. There’s a huge start-up scene with local and foreigners all looking to contribute to the countries development and growth. Finance professionals will have plenty of opportunities in banking and private equity. Teaching and education is one of the leading industries to join. Not just English teachers which is a common miscommunication but teachers of all subject i.e. Geography, Spanish, French, Physics, SAT, GMAT and more. Every year more than seven million students graduate from high school and all are looking to get ahead before entering the workforce.


It’s never an easy decision when deciding to study Mandarin let alone which city to study in. Shanghai is the best of both worlds. There’s plenty of opportunity to learn, study, and live a full life in the bustling city. With over 25 million people, thousands of job opportunities, and an unlimited list of traveling opportunities; Shanghai has something for everyone. Studying Mandarin will be hard work but living in Shanghai will make it worth while.