HSK Course with Mandarin Spring


Mandarin Spring is a professional Mandarin Chinese School in Shanghai, China. After studying mandarin in Shanghai with Mandarin Spring, you will find an efficient best method to quickly improve Chinese. Additionally, especially for Career Boost Program, Mandarin Spring will further offer value added free service of job consultant, job hunting, which means as long as you study Chinese in Shanghai with us, you will be placed a job in your best position in Shanghai under our help!

Mandarin Spring has partnered with top companies located in Shanghai and nationwide who are eager to hire young foreigner talent. We have plenty of internships and career opportunities for those who learn mandarin in Shanghai with us.


      What is the HSK?

The HSK is the Chinese Mandarin language certification for non-native speakers. This Chinese language certification is administered by the China’s Ministry of Education. It is like the TOEFL but for the Mandarin Chinese. This certification is very useful to find a job in China or to start a career in China, and also to apply to a Chinese university. So it is both for the academic and professional field. It will improve your resume to enter to the Chinese’s job market and will legitimize your level of Chinese.

       Mandarin Spring as a mandarin language center provide two Chinese language programs related to the HSK according the Chinese level of the student: the “HSK preparation course” and the “HSK sprint course”

       The HSK Preparation Course: This Chinese program is for the students who want to apply in a Chinese university, business people representing Multinational corporations in China, entrepreneurs, etc. This mandarin course includes the main outline of frequent topics and focuses on listening, reading and writing as the three main test parts. It concerns all people, from the people who get Chinese language lessons for beginners to the advanced who can speak mandarin Chinese. To complete a level of HSK, you need to get about 30-60 hours of Chinese lessons.


       The HSK Sprint Course: This mandarin language program is for the students who are planning to take HSK exam and have already acquired the basic Chinese language requirements. It is as intensive mandarin course to enhance your chance to success the HSK. We are going to focus the three main test parts. These mandarin lessons are a great review of all your knowledge of mandarin Chinese language. The completion of a HSK’s level will be around 30-60 hours of Chinese class. These hours have to be concentrate to be the most useful as possible.


       The HSK certification is a great boost for a career in China, even for the company multinationals which are not based in China. Currently More companies deal with Chinese partner. The HSK certification is a great advantage to make the difference with others job seeker. More it isn’t concern only the professional field but also the academic field to enter in a Chinese university and study in mandarin. If you already know how to speak Chinese mandarin language, get the HSK certification is not a waste but legitimate your mandarin language and give a real proof of it.