Specialized Courses with Mandarin Spring

          Our Chinese language academy, Mandarin Spring, provides specialized Chinese classes to learn vocabulary or different ways of speaking specifically to a sector, industry or activity. It is the best mandarin course if you want to learn business Chinese in Shanghai or even if you just want to travel.

In that mandarin course, you will learn Chinese words related to your needs. We propose specialized Chinese language lessons ranging from different sectors or themes such as HR, marketing, management, accounting, finance, and more. Whatever you want, from entertainment to Study Chinese for a career in Shanghai, we assume the right to provide the best Chinese language course for you. The mandarin language content is defined and tailor-made according to the preferences and needs of each student. We plan to meet the needs of any corporate job function and satisfy professional requirements as a vocational mandarin Chinese course.

If you plan to Study Chinese for job in Shanghai or Study mandarin for career in Shanghai, these mandarin Chinese classes are the best way to learn mandarin. You will be able to integrate with local companies which could be difficult, if you don’t study Chinese. By studying a specific area of Mandarin Chinese for example, business, you’ll feel the improvement almost immediately. These new skills will transition to your daily work environment. You’ll have more confidence, be able to communicate effectively with your colleagues, get more involved in deals, meetings, and even contract signings.


For Specialized mandarin lessons, we recommend these courses to the following:

-          Professionals working in China

-          People who plan to find a job in China and develop their careers in China

-          Individuals who are traveling, discovering and sharing their lives in China

-          Learners who want to learn Chinese pinyin and learn Chinese characters to understand the Confucius and Taoist philosophy.


By the way, these Chinese lessons are good for everyone, because each lesson is tailor made around your needs. You will feel that this mandarin language tutorial is only for you.


You can discuss your specific needs with us and we will advise the best way to provide the best Chinese language program. Our team will be happy to support your growth in China.