How to learn Chinese for free

Ways to learn a Mandarin Chinese for free


Thinking of different ways to study Chinese can be a bit overwhelming. When you consider all the different reasons, options, and potential expenses; a lot of people will stop themselves before even starting to study Mandarin Chinese. Whether you are learning for a new hobby, or planning a location change, studying Chinese doesn’t have to break the bank or your spirit.


Below are a few resources on ways to study Chinese for free.


Language exchanges

Language exchanges are a great and easy going way to study Chinese. Usually based in a coffee shop or library, language exchanges are where people come to socialize and practice their new language skills. If you are a beginner or advanced learner, this is a great way to study Chinese. Websites like Meetup and Internations are great resources for finding these groups and social gatherings. Most language exchanges won’t charge an entry fee or admission but will encourage purchasing a coffee or tea from the hosting location. This is a great way to study Chinese in a practical environment.



A huge component of learning how to speak Chinese includes listening. If you’re a fan of podcast, then you are in luck. There are plenty of podcast out there that help tutor and teach new lessons about Mandarin Chinese. Podcast provide that convenience and location free option for studying Mandarin Chinese.

A few good examples include:

-          Slow Chinese Podcast

-          Chinese Pod


Watching TV shows, Youtube Videos, and Movies – include the subtitles

Watching TV shows and movies in Chinese also helps a lot with learning Chinese. Though it may be a bit difficult at first and you may not understand all the words, but this does help build your syntax. When watching these Chinese shows, you should be sure to turn on the subtitles. Unless you feel comfortable enough without subtitles, you might be a little lost. But don’t worry, learning Chinese is hard for everyone in the beginning but pick one show and you’ll be on your way. This will help with your listening comprehension and adjust your ears to a regular spoken pace. Great websites to use include Youku, Sohu, and AC fun.


Find a study buddy/ language partner

This may be the best option for anyone who wants to learn Chinese. A language partner will give you that one on one attention in a relaxed environment. The benefits of a language partner definitely include spoken language over formal & textbook language. No matter your country, there are foreigners everywhere who are looking to better their own 2nd or 3rd third language. If you speak English or French, find a Chinese partner who’s interested in learning your native tongue. A great format is to spend one hour on Chinese and the other on your native tongue. This will keep the time moving and not too long.


Taking on a new language such as Mandarin Chinese can be expensive but that doesn’t mean you can be frugal. Take your time when looking for ways to study Chinese. Consider the reasons you want to learn Chinese and how your schedule fits into that plan. If you’re a social butterfly then language exchanges may be your field of dreams. Also, if you are busy and want to review or study on the go, then mandarin Chinese podcasts will suit you. No matter what you decide, just start and don’t stop. Learning Mandarin Chinese is never finish and there’s always something to learn.


Once you are comfortable and ready to take on a more structured curriculum, be sure to reach out to us at Mandarin Spring. We can help with all level learners and can based your curriculum around your schedule.